SiEBEN participates in the new Open Mall initiative of the Municipal Authority of Trikala!


The Municipality of Trikala implemented a new technological venture, in order to meet the daily needs of the city’s residents, using the latest developments in information technology as the instrument. In cooperation with the Trikala Trade Association, they launched “Open Mall”, a new initiative, offering opportunities, such as promoting local business offers and informing sellers about news and announcements of the Municipality (eg events) and other.

The Municipality trusted SiEBEN, for a part of the Open Mall project and more specifically the data collection generated from user connections to the Wireless Municipal Network, using the Marera platform.

The above solution allows fast and easy user connections to the wireless municipal network in different ways, such as through users’ accounts on social media platforms. Data from wireless network use will be utilised by the Municipal Authority that will use the Marera application to inform residents, via email or SMS,  about cultural events and activities in the Municipality and to help them enjoy their time in the city.

Furthermore, in association with the local Trade Association or other interested parties, business activity and increased consumer activity are promoted through targeted offers or other promotional activities.