SiEBEN innovates again, integrating Artificial Intelligence bots at Marera, its Loyalty & Customer Profiling platform!


Focusing on the new digital marketing trends and taking into account millennials’ preferences, SiEBEN, responds with the expansion of its strategy through the integration of Artificial Intelligent bots into Marera, the Digital Marketing platform for Loyalty and Customer Profiling.

Through the integration of A.I. bots with Marera, SiEBEN customers are now able to collect additional information about their customers and achieve, not only smart but also personalized communication, by suggesting products and services related to their preferences, purchases, or their points!

Bots are powered by rules, artificial intelligence & Machine Learning and allow to simulate smart communication with end users via a chat interface (eg Facebook Messenger). They develop smart dialogs and answer questions automatically, providing useful information easily and quickly. According to Gartner, they come to replace Mobile Apps, since, by 2020, 85% of all customer service interactions will be bots.

SiEBEN, thanks to its extensive experience in developing, designing and implementing innovative technology solutions, is able to propose bots for travel and airline companies, retailers, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, doctors, real estate companies, KTEO, drivers cities, hotels, etc.