Sefco Zeelandia trusts SiEBEN and Pocketbiz!


Sefco Zeelandia is one of the largest producing companies of raw materials for bakery and confectionery applications. Since 1965, the company has had a strong foothold in the Greek market and laid the foundation for the alliance with Zeelandia, which has the roots in greatness since 1900. The heart core of Sefco Zeelandia is in its contemporary business premises in Spata Attica, but it has also got offices in Bulgaria, Serbia and exports its products in Cyprus, Albania, Montenegro, Skopje and Romania.

The continuous and steady growth of the company necessitated an automated solution for the organization of sales processes. Sefco Zeelandia trusted SiEBEN in order to increase its sales team’s productivity, through the modern and user-friendly platform of Pocketbiz.

More specifically, Pocketbiz offers immediate access to the company data, such as price lists, inventory and the commercial picture of the customers. It also decreases the possibility of mistakes, due to the high volume of daily orders, throughout order processing and collection.

Finally, the automated order entry in ERP reduces order processing costs.

With the project implementation, the company boasts all the necessary tools and information for a better customer service, while, at the same time, it improves staff members’ daily routine and efficiency.