Support for businesses of the 5G-IoT era

Sieben Ltd., offers highly advanced turnkey solutions to unleash business creativity and productivity. A prominent part of company’s product portfolio includes POBUCA – a Corporate Software suite with a range of smart functional tools that boosts customer sales and productivity, through organizing and sharing business contacts, offering tools for maximizing sales and for supporting customer loyalty. Significant contributor to POPUCA’s international success is POBUCA Chatbot, an inbound Virtual Assistant facilitating interaction between the platforms and the user.

The EU-funded POBUCA Bot project will support the transformation of POBUCA Chatbot into the first internationally Outbound Metabot – an independent, reusable, logic block using AI and low latency in interface operations. The end result will be a disruptive service presented to the market able to meet anticipated 5G-IoT demand.

Disrupt the Corporate Software environment

Through POBUCA Bot, Sieben attempts to disrupt the Corporate Software environment by introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business communication. Further, POBUCA Bot, targets directly the forthcoming 5G-IoT-related vertical industries, where low-latency communications will need to be assisted by ultra-reliable man-machine communication and user experience (UX), augmenting human capabilities.

In effect, POBUCA Bot Project is an ICT-oriented effort based on three pillars:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Deep Learning (DL)
  • The 5th generation of wireless communications (5G)


POBUCA Bot basic concept is to provide global markets with an Outbound Virtual Assistant with multi-domain capabilities on a quasi “plug-and-play” mode.

Targeting the Brands & Retailers markets

Initially, the company will develop an outbound VA, which will be an add-on to the company’s current business software solutions, to initiate effort in a business sector that the company already possesses significant expertise and clientele. Therefore, the first POBUCA Bot editions will be directed towards the Brands and Retailers markets, offering outbound VA capabilities on domains such as Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, Sales Teams Support, and Line of Business Support.

Entering the hospitality sector

Next, efforts will be targeted into the hospitality sector. In this attempt, main objective will be to provide travelers with an Outbound Virtual Concierge (OVC), as part of the tourist establishment’s (hotel, travel agency, attraction, etc.) overall offering. POBUCA Bot OVC is intended to be distributed as a B2B2C solution, hence it is foreseen to be technologically agnostic, i.e. not connected to specific tools and platforms. Additional domains: Accommodation Support, Shopping & Dining Support, Transportation Support, and Emergencies Support.

The future

Ultimately, POBUCA Bot will be offered as a flexible cross-disciplinary Outbound metabot to global 5G-IoT solution providers’ markets.

Democratizing AI

The 5G-ΙοΤ ecosystem is an unparalleled effort to create new communication standards, norms and end-user experiences. It consists of two main pillars, namely TELCOs (telecommunication services providers) and OEMs (equipment manufacturers), while a global ecosystem incorporating thousands of software houses, solutions providers, start-ups, etc., are working on potential end-user solutions making use of the 5G-IoT technologies’ capabilities.

The ability of POBUCA Bot to train itself and adapt its functionality to the business needs of individual industries makes it unique in its field and pioneer in the democratization of technology, as its presence makes the process of direct selling feasible and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Advancement of POBUCA Bot technology into a “plug-and-play” type utility (i.e. a technology requiring minimum effort to be incorporated into third parties’ solutions), is expected to be positively adopted by the above solution providers, since they will be able to incorporate Outbound VA capabilities in their own solutions at minimum development cost.

POBUCA Bot technology incorporates a significant societal element, in particular concerning inclusion of individuals with special needs, such as with visual impairments or hearing disabilities. Also, POBUCA Bot is expected to help overcome language barriers, in particular for travelers abroad, businesspersons expanding their activities in foreign countries, or even professionals operating in a multilingual environment.

POBUCA Bot concept video