Business Process Management

Did you know that Business Process Management could impact the cost and revenue generation of an organization?

The Business Process Management (BPM) is a general term, covering techniques and methods for the development and management of operational procedures and aims at optimizing them, increasing efficiency and productivity. It is the tool for the study, recognition, change, and monitoring of business processes. 

Workflow automation is an easy way to streamline manual and paper-based processes often comprised of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content.

Some of the Benefits: 

  • consistency and standardization in the execution of the process in order to have better control
  • continuous improvement processes
  • accurate information which leads to better decisions
  • reduces operating costs
  • improve the customer experience
  • the company becomes more flexible
  • reduces manual data entry and the chances of human error
  • as there are various applications in business with their interface giving users a common place for their work
  • ensure the optimal use of resources and increase productivity

Your business can use the SharePoint Server in order to broaden its business processes. Target in optimizing business processes and see your business transforms into a more efficient, more effective and flexible organization.

Taking advantage of the capabilities of SharePoint to share and organize information within a company, we can develop on it several business processes involving some or all employees. Depending on the needs of each company, an analysis will show the tools that will be used (SharePoint Designer Workflows or Microsoft Dynamics CRM).

Following are some indicative areas in which it may consider the use of SharePoint:
Central Content gathering (Content Management System)
Businesses needing intranets and business portals will find the SharePoint to be a valuable tool to organize content gathering processes.

Managing HR processes
All employees, accessing the platform handle easily the functions pertaining to the Management. In this way achieve better organization, automation of HR processes and time saving. Characteristic example of an HR process that can be implemented in SharePoint is the take time off request form with the following functions:

  • Electronic submission of the request form for leave
  • Check the validity of the request
  • Approval/rejection of the request form
  • Possibility of limiting, revocation or suspension