A growing number of CRM projects were implemented by Pobuca-Sieben in the last quarter of 2018!


Since the last quarter of 2018 the company has been on a growth path, which proves that the cloud transformation of its products has begun to produce concrete results.

Pobuca CRM suite consists of vertically integrated applications for business management and communication between companies and their customers and in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pobuca-Sieben can offer turnkey CRM solutions. The suite is distributed through cloud, in a SaaS model, and the growth rate of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) has reached 20% month after month!

In particular, in the last quarter of 2018 Pobuca-Sieben implemented important CRM projects for the following Greek enterprises: B&F Group (BSB και Lynne), Vivawallet, GANT, BAAM, Adacom Cyber Security, Tsakiris Family AE, Green River College, Data Grid.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the company’s CRM projects have expanded overseas, with 200 new enterprises from 25 countries using the company’s products. Some of these enterprises are: Qatar Foundation International, Benchmark Broker Insurance, Foresight, BTEE SA, Bay Area Circuits, Synergo, Dbrain, Novocomedy, Quantek Consulting.

Finally, given the fact that the company has several new projects in the pipeline for Greece and a digital marketing mechanism attracting more and more potential customers on a daily basis, the MRR of Pobuca Suite and the CRM projects are expected to continue their increasing trend in 2019, as well.